Our project "Zero Garbage", propose a solution for the terrible problem that the humanity have with their waste. There is plenty of garbage on this planet; in fact there is so much garbage that many developed countries are trying to dump their garbage on the lands of lesser developed countries, at a fee of course. But does dumping garbage on other places solve the problem? On the contrary it spreads pollutions and diseases. In fact it is more dangerous to dump garbage in the less developed countries.

When we throw our garbage away, the garbage goes to landfills. Landfills are those big hills that you go by on an expressway that stink. They are full of garbage. The garbage is then sometimes burned. This sends an enormous amount of greenhouse gasses into the air and makes global warming worse.

A great and futurist solution to this problem is using processes named TDP. Implementing this process we can convert almost anything waste into energy in form on oil and gas.

I collaborated in my project designing the logo and the mental map I liked a lot being the designer
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Industrial Sales Engineer Gas and Process market: CyberCoders

Location: Houston, TX; Pasadena, TX
Salary: $60,000 - $100,000
Education: Bachelor of Science
Category: Sales
Experience Required: At least 2 Years
Short Description: Senior Sales Engineer, industrial machinery, Gas & Air Process Market, Chemical/petrochemical indust.
Required Skills: Senior Sales Engineer, industrial machinery, Gas & Air Process Market, Chemical/petrochemical industry, Compressors.
Recruiter: Anna Alizadeh
Date Updated: 09/11/2009

Skills Required
Senior Sales Engineer, industrial machinery, Gas & Air Process Market, Chemical/petrochemical industry, Compressors.

Job Description:
Senior Sales Engineer, Industrial Machinery, Gas and Process, Chemical/Petrochemical, Air Separation, Gas Compressor.
Are you a Senior Sales Engineer or Sales Manager with experience in sales of compressors in Gas and Process Market? If so read on- We have a terrific opportunity for you:
A successful, growing Industrial Machinery Manufacturer is looking to hire professional Sales Engineers in the Houston, TX area.
What you need to apply:
- 3+ years of field sales in sales of compressors in Gas and Process market.
- Please note: having a good understanding of the Oil/Gas, Chemical/Petrochemical, Air Separation, or Industrial Machinery , or gas compressors markets is essential- Bachelor's or higher in Mechanical Engineering or related field.
- Proven track record of successful key account management.
- Superior communication and presentation skills.
- Ability to develop key accounts, and prepare budge quotes, handle commercial negotiations.
- Some travel required
What's in it for you:
- Competitive Base Salary.
- Commission and Bonus structure.
- Excellent Benefits including 401K, and Pension Plan.
- Significant learning and growth opportunities
So, if you are a Sales Engineer with experience in sale of compressors in Gas and Process market apply ASAP! We look forward to reviewing your resume.
Must be authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis for any employer.

my cover letter

Jaiver Castillo.
La concepcion
Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela
Date: 08/11/09

Dear Mr. Jhon,

Please accept the attached resume in application for the position of an entry level Industrial Engineer as advertised on monster.can

I have recently graduated from Universidad Rafael Bellosos Chacin (URBE) and am eager to obtain a position from which I will gain valuable experience in the industry.

I appreciate that I have no full time experience in the engineering field, however over the previous two summers I worked for a firm in Maracaibo that manufactured circuit breakers where I assisted the engineering function with general duties and from which I gained an appreciation of what the job entails.

I feel that as an ambitious and highly motivated individual I can learn a lot at your company and be successful there. I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to consider my resume. I will contact you early next week to arrange an appointment to meet you at a time convenient for you.

Thank you in advance.
Yours sincerely,
Jaiver Castillo

This is my resume for my dream job:

Jaiver Castillo
La concepcion
Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela
Date: 08/11/09
Email: Jaiver3@gmail.com

Marital status: Single.
Nationality: Venezuelan.

To gain employment with a company where my leadership experience and knowledge, especially A professional position in the area of industrial the gas process and market, can be used effectively.

-2009: 6th trimester of in Industrial Engineering, Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacín University (URBE).

-2001–2007: “Manuel V. Romero G.” High school , Bachelor graduate.

-Team Group.
-Define problems.
-Establishing facts, and drawing valid conclusions.


-Suggest changes in product offerings on a quarterly basis based on detailed analysis of sales patterns.Provide in-house training for new employees as needed.

-Managed warehouse operations
-Programmed Excel spreadsheet implemented to control sales strengths and weaknesses on quarterly basis.
-Interviewed new applicants for open positions.
-Travelled locally offering on-site visits to regular customers
Supervised bookkeeping staff .

Summary of Experience:
Proven ability to cut costs without sacrificing product quality

Edison, Thomas (1847-1931)

American inventor who founded a firm in Newark which invented wax paper and the mimeograph. In 1876, he set up a lab in Menlo Park, NJ. Here, he improved the telephone and telegraph and invented the phonograph. Using brute force trial and error, he came up with a scorched cotton thread (carbon) filament for a light bulb, the same solution arrived at by Swan. This filament, however, lasted 40 hours because Edison was able to maintain a good vacuum. He invested in DC power transmission and fought bitterly against Tesla and Westinghouse's AC transmission. In this decision, he was soon shown to be on the wrong side, as AC was much more convenient to transmit since it can be produced at high enough voltages to be transmitted over large distances, but DC could not. Edison also discovered the so-called Edison effect, which later led to the development of vacuum tubes. His slogan was "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration."

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